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Disclaimer: controller support only.

Rewind Racer is our Brackey Gamejam 2020.2 game ! One of the first things that came to our minds were the little toy rewind cars we used to play with when we were young. That inspired us to make this game. 

It is a  2-4 player co op game and it is a little buggy put we worked hard on it. Play it with your friends and please leave feedback below. We only have controller support so that is something to know up front. Make sure to heck out the controls.

All Assets were made from scratch ecept for a few particle systems.


FinalBuild.zip 27 MB


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Here is the video for people who cannot play !

I cant press any button in menu :(

Xbox controllers are required, sorry if you cant play :(

If you want to see some gameplay I uploaded a video :)